Mobile Phones and accessories

So far only very short, there is much more to add.

Power supplies, Mains adapters

I refer to the switching power supplies, not the old-style heavy ones using a transformator operating a Mains frequency directly.

Usually there is a specification like "OUTPUT 5.0 V 350 mA" together with DC-symbol on them. One might reasonably expect a stable voltage output. WRONG! For both Siemens and Nokia I found voltage depends heavily on load, starts at approx 8 V for light loads below 1 mA, and goes down then. This of course might kill electronic circuits if you carelessly use such Mains adapter for a more general purpose (power supply for lab experiments).


My personal impression: The mobile phones are designed to fail after some years, even when not being heavily used, even when being off most of the time (charged Battery installed, means some parts are powered). So far did no in-depth analysis what failed. Signs were (despite new Batteries):

Personal experience with Siemens different models (starting 2003 with SL42, or even before) and Nokia, not only myself but close relatives, too.

Models used

(myself and parents supported by me)

Siemens S6

... still the right size - you have something in your hand!

Siemens MT50


Siemens SL42(i)

Phone and voice recorder, for me. Music player for others.

Nokia 9300

can much more, but with me for SMS writing.

Nokia 6151


It does not run on Mains adapter directly. It will charge and discharge the Battery instead. Using it contiguously as Data Modem wears Battery in a very short time, means a few days or weeks.

Nokia 1200

If you just want phone calls, some SMS, and a good flash light. You get a permanently visible digital clock for free (b&w LCD is perfectly readable without backlight).

Nokia 1616

Unfortunately, color LCD needing backlight ...

Binatone BB300


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