The museum contains old projects and products I created, which are no longer under active maintainance by me. This means that any information about prices, availability and even address information shall be considered outdated and probably invalid.

Some words and phrases are trademarks or registered trademarks of other companies. Some of these trademarks might be owned by an other company or refer to an other product than they did in the past.


There is work and information in every single project, which should not be lost for the public just because the original author doesn't maintain the product any longer. That is why I publish the complete projects, including any information I have available in electronic form.

Terms of use

This is free software and information. If you use it, you do so completely on your own risk. The author assumes no liability! If you create any derivative work from these files, you have to make clear that you made and published this derivative work, and you have to update or remove the outdated information to the original author's address.


HSMODA serial driver package - Sources

The archive contains the latest sources (mostly assembler) of the programs and drivers in the HSMODA driver package. It includes documentation, too.

Download ZIP archive (420 KByte) latest sources and docs

HSMODA serial driver package - Only Old Sources

The archive contains only old sources and docs. I don't see any need for downloading it.

Download ZIP archive (800 KByte) with only old sources

MACM1 serial driver - source

The archive contains the latest and old sources (assembler) of the driver of the MACM1 driver package. You need the HSMO_SRC.ZIP archive, too, to use this source.

Download MACM1SRC.ZIP (500 KByte)

CCMACC direct memory card access for Atari Portfolio

The archive contains the assembler source, the program and the documentation of a program which can access the memory cards on Atari Portfolio directly, reading and writing arbitrary address ranges.

Download ZIP archive (10 KByte) with source, program, doc

PFBAS, PCBAS Basic interpreter for Atari Portfolio and PC

The archive contains the assembler source, the program and the documentation of a small Basic interpreter which has versions for Atari Portfolio and PC. The 32 bit PC version PCBAS32.COM has 32 bit I/O and memory access instructions, too, which helped a lot while debugging PCI cards (PC running in real mode).

Download ZIP archive (240 KByte) with source, program, doc

PCLA, PFLA logic analyzer control software

The archive contains the assembler source, the program which was made to control a simple selfmade logic analyzer connected to the parallel port of a PC or Atari Portfolio.

Download ZIP archive (77 KByte) with source, program

MIM (MIMO) my mini MODE.COM replacement

The archive contains the assembler source, the program and the doc. It started as a small replacement for MODE.COM to set COM port serial speed and modes, but was put to sleep then. Worked on PC and Atari Portfolio.

Download ZIP archive (9 KByte) with source, program, doc

Projects - as published in the past

The archives in this chapter usually do not contain sources, but are exactly the archives I published years ago, while the projects where still maintained by me.


AHSM_MIL - my latest package of serial drivers for the Milan I sent to some Milan users/developers. These drivers work under the TOS and should work under MagicMilan. I planned to include future releases into a HSMODA package later than 07. The sources are in the HSMODA source package, and there are even newer binaries, which should allow XON/XOFF handshake on the UART serial ports.

Download AHSM_MIL (25 KByte)


HSMODA07 - my latest serial driver package for Atari ST, STE, MegaST, MegaSTE, TT, Falcon and some extra hardware like RSVE and ST_ESCC.

Download HSMODA07.LZH (120 KByte)


MACM1_09 - my latest serial driver for MagicMac, the Atari-"Emulator" for Apple Macintosh computers.

Download MACM1_09.LZH (34 KByte)


MICODR06 - my latest driver for the network software MIDICOM. It allows MIDICOM (v3.96) to use serial ports which have a SERSOFST.TXT-compatible driver (like from HSMODA or MACM1 package).

Download MICODR06.LZH (15 KByte)

JP40 and JP44

JP40_FRE - JP40 and JP44 are adapters for the Maxon EPROM programmer to allow programming of 16 Bit EPROMs in DIL40 or PLCC44 packages.

Download JP40_FRE.LZH (72 KByte)


MA_GP_UP - my upgrade for the Maxon GAL programmer for Atari computers. It allows programming of newer (at that time) 16v8 and 20v8 GALs.

Download MA_GP_U1.LZH (24 KByte)


MULPRI - the hardware to convert the one printer port of Atari ST, STE, MegaST, MegaSTE and TT into 4 fully functional ports.

Download MULPRI01.LZH (52 KByte)


RSVE - the hardware to speed up the MODEM1 serial port of Atari ST, STE, MegaST, MegaSTE and TT to 38400 and 57600 (and with good luck 115200) bps while still keeping the old data rates. Hint: RSFI is much better.

Download RSVE_GE.LZH (25 KByte)


ST_ESCC - the hardware to add two fast serial ports to Atari ST, STE, MegaST and MegaSTE.

Download STESCC01.LZH (54 KByte)

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