Misc: Identity abuse

My identity has been abused at least 5 times until 2011-07-11. So far, this happened usually inside Germany.

I know for sure that electronic copies of my handwritten sign and my (now elapsed) identity card do exist. I cannot tell you an easy way to find out whether it is me or someone else, abusing my identity. There are multiple companies and individuals knowing my bank account. Even the web page you are just reading may have been modified in bad intend.

I suggest you consider the following, for every specific contact or request:

It is really difficult.

Example: You as a seller of a good will not serve me by refusing to send to the address I ask you, because I often have goods sent to addresses differing from my residential address, just because I stay at that other location, or it is needed there. I appreciate if you try to verify my assertions, e.g. by phone or whatever more unusual means, as long as the discomfort caused keeps within reasonable limits.

--- Author: Harun Scheutzow ------ Last change: 2011-07-11 ---